PRIMAL        FAMFRIT        LAVENDER BEDS        WARD 27        PLOT 17         SATURDAYS         9PM TO 12AM EST   

   NOTICE: Join us for Lunar New Year on February 10th, 2024!   

About ⸻ ✦』

   The lady of the house bids you welcome!   

  Established   by the proprietress, Rihua Hong, as a café after the rousing success of her Far Eastern luxury bar and lounge, the Jade Window. The Persimmon Leaf aims to provide patrons with the same quality service, cuisine, and soothing atmosphere to escape the fast-moving day-to-day of every Eorzean.Descending from a long line of Nagxian geomancers and a clan of peerless seafarers from the Glass Ocean, the Lady of the House was educated in Thavnair where she took up the culinary arts before sailing westward to Eorzean shores.Although Limsa Lominsa has served as her home on Vylbrand for some time, the Jade Window—and now the Persimmon Leaf—was also opened in the city state of Gridania to not only be closest to nature, but to also serve as a safehaven free of discrimination where the flavors of the Near and Far East may be experienced by all.

"Tea, tranquility, and hospitality."
Rihua Hong   

『✦ ⸻ Rules

   A safe and relaxing space for everyone.   

Patrons of the establishment must be mindful of the rules below or they will be asked to leave the premises.

01 ⸻ ✦

This is a strictly SFW space. Any foul or suggestive language or interactions—roleplay or otherwise—will not be tolerated.

02 ⸻ ✦

Roleplay is welcomed but not required.

03 ⸻ ✦

Please remain polite and respectful to all parties.

04 ⸻ ✦

Avoid performing actions that may be disruptive or distracting to other patrons. People are here to rest and relax.

Menu ⸻ ✦』

   Let Mistress Hong know when you're ready to order!   

Desserts ⸻ ✦

  Delectable treats baked to perfection by the lady of the house.  

Cheese Soufflé

      2000 G  

  A light and airy   egg dish that perfectly balances sweet and savory. Made from the finest fragrant cheeses.

Pixieberry Cheesecake

      2500 G  

  Rich, indulgent   cheesecake swirled through with a ribbon of sweet pixieberry sauce and topped with fresh local berries.

Sykon Cookie

      2500 G  

  One plate   of powdered shortbread cookies, sweetened with jeweled Sykon jam.

Persimmon Pudding

      2500 G  

  Namai's   famous persimmons steamed with brown sugar and cinnamon to create a delectably moist, chewy pudding cake served with cream.


      2000 G  

  A Hingan   street specialty that comes in the form of a fish-shaped cake resembling sea bream. Available with apple, red bean, and cream filling.

Rose Peach Tart

      3500 G  

  The pride   of the Persimmon Leaf's proprietress. Silken cream cheese panna cotta encased in an almond-flavored crust and sealed with homemade peach jam. Sliced, Nagxian white peaches adorn the top, delicately lain in an intricate rose pattern.

À La Carte ⸻ ✦

  Savory meals to fill every weary wanderer's stomach.  

Bánh Xèo

      2000 G  

  Quite literally   meaning "sizzling pancake", a traditional Nagxian dish consisting of vegetables and meat nestled inside a fried rice flour pancake.


      2500 G  

  Staple amongst   the people of the Steppe. Dzo meat and vegetables heavily spiced and charred to perfection over an open flame.

Spinach Quiche

      1500 G  

  Savory   egg custard, heavy cream, and spinach baked in a flaky pie crust shell.

Crab Croquettes

      3000 G  

  Crispy, golden brown   balls filled with buttery crab legs and fluffy mashed vegetables, served with a sweet-and-sour sauce on the side

Liver-Cheese Sandwich

      2500 G  

  Several slices   of high quality ground liver loaf and cheese sandwiched between two halves of kaiser roll.

Spaghetti al Nero

      3000 G  

  A tangy dish   of thin noodles tossed with squid ink, herbs, blood tomato sauce, and the largest, juiciest of shrimp.

Menu ⸻ ✦』

   Let Mistress Hong know when you're ready to order!   

Enspirited Raider's Takeout ⸻ ✦

   Please consult for prices at the counter.   

Baked Eggplant

  Rich, dark eggplants   roasted to tender perfection, coupled with chopped giant popotoes and succulent blood tomatoes. All coated with a healthy amount of melted Garlean cheese,

Baba Ghanoush

  A traditional   Thavnairian appetizer. Finely chopped dark eggplant spiced with ground cumin, garlic, and paprika mixed with perilla oil—all sourced from the residents of Palaka's Stand.  Served with   naan and chopped vegetables
on the side.

Caviar Canapés

  An hors d'oeuvre   staple at lavish social gatherings. Comprised of eggs from the rare caviar sturgeon, and flaky, tender meat of the lordly salmon delightfully set atop a humble bite-sized bread.

Dragonfruit Blend

  A deliciously   refreshing drink made of mashed dragonfruit mixed with chopped cloud banana, egg, and coconut milk to create the creamiest of heavenly delights.

Affiliates ⸻ ✦』

   Check out these lovely venues as well!   

『✦ ⸻ Senpan Tea House

   Peace, quiet, and a good cup of tea.   

  Established   April of 2022, Senpan Tea House is a tranquil tea house that allows warriors and wanderers alike to relax as much they want, for however long they want—either by themselves or with their companions."We believe that everyone deserves peace, quiet, and a good cup of tea. Thus, our philosophy is to never bother you during your most needed, and well deserved downtime."

The Ghost Armory ⸻ ✦』

   High-quality service at affordable prices.   

  Home to   one of Eorzea's foremost artisans on call. If you need anything, the Ghost Armory has it all!A treasure trove of the finest wares in the land, all crafted by Am Ghost. Every piece comes with an enthralling story, told from the lips of a most adorable ghoul as they hammer away to fulfill your order. If you can name it, this ghost can craft it!